Why Music Labels and Publishers Chronically Miss Out On Licensing Opportunities - hypebot

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This wasn't a very informative article. It was more about one guy complaining.


Great rant! I'm sorry you're underpaid.


Embarrassing article...

john powers

good and informative article. obviously written by someone who has some time in the business and has seen the "new business model" of pushing out people who are making decent salaries and have experience and replacing them with interns, recent college graduates and those starry eyed wannabes who know next to nothing and will work for even less. i don't see this as complaining at all. i see it as sad. sad for an industry that is out of touch with the products they have and how to sell them. the music business can't be run by lawyers. we've all seen what that gets us. we need people who love the music to market the music. the bean counters don't get it and they never will.

Dysfunctional Uncle Dan

Pure sales pitch for "selling" his system. Bleech!

Kenneth Anderson

Great read! To the people complaining, you aren't looking at this article through the right lens.

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