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Rolling Stones Pay Backup Singers $57.48 For 3 Rehearsals + Performance

image from Rolling Stones are in the midst of what is on track to be the highest grossing concert tour of the year. In fact, the band is estimated to have grossed $1.5 billion live since 1990. But apparently Mick & Company don't believe in trickle down music econmics. A group of music students from Isreal's Tel Aviv Universtity were asked to sing backup for the Stone's local concert. Their total pay for 3 rehearsals and the concert? 200 shekels each - $57.48 USD.

The sotry became public when one of the students complained on their Facebook page.  So far the Rolling Stones only answer is "no comment."

Estimated gross for The Rolling Stone's Tel Aviv concert?  $6.7 million.

via A Journal Of Musical Things