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Kevin Doyle

I gave it a try but the end results were always awful compared the original mix. Just reading their website makes me realize they have no idea what "mastering" is. They think that means add a bunch of processing to music. My mixes were pretty good to begin with and they came back with all sorts of unnecessary nastiness. Yuck.


LANDR is a sonic disaster, everything gets ruined but sounds loud, bright and aggressive

Michael Williams

i decided to give all my music away for free, landr is perfect for someone like me, this allows me to focus on creating music, and releasing it asap.


I gave it a try, did 3 songs on it, first two sounded quite a lot different, in a semi good way. It was good but not how i would've liked it, it made them sound like they were quite more high end and harsh. The first track however was killed. It didn't have the same feel to the track as it did have before. i think it really depends on how well you mater or setup your song yourself before using LANDR.


As a mastering engineer myself and referencing LANDR's work with some of my own on the same tracks, what it does, is essentially makes your track louder. It enhances the high frequencies, makes a few cuts in the irrelevant frequencies, also sometimes either killing/over cooking the midrange making it harsh on ears, then limiting it to get it slightly (or sometimes extremely) louder, thus totally killing the sonics of your music. If you're serious about your music and have pride in your productions then do yourself a favor and get a REAL mastering engineer to do the job. You can get decent mastering done now for as little as £10 per track. This service is nothing but fancy words and poor results.

wyld wyvern

I tried it and all it did was make my track sound slightly louder, something which can be done more effectively with my Roxio audio editor (that at least preserves the dynamics) I think I'll just continue to master my own tracks.

wyld wyvern


Maybe they need to send the app to school, and then have the app work in a professional mastering house for a while and really get it's ears trained, then they should give it some hands and arms so it can turn real knobs that relate to relate to real changes that someone wants in the mastering of a particular song...Oh! A real mastering engineer!!!

Jack Braglia

"Gold standard"....you gotta be kidding me

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