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What everyone else is thinking

The same reason jasmine.com is top 100, everytime you go to a free download site (a la rapidshare, mediafire) to rip free music, a full page popup if their front page with tons if videos appear. Then they put "making $10,000" so far and the videos are unoriginal, so of course the person downloading free music is broke and wants some money and thinks they're better than the singer on the video. So they browse more videos, which is more traffic, and probably less than one percent of people viewing end up submitting a video. It's a cheap way to get traffic. The funny thing is a lot of the audio is prerecorded and they make it look live and homemade.

It's cheap all around.

Clyde Smith

Thanks for this. I just got what felt like a harassing phone call from a publicist at Susan Blond that represents these people.

Anything else you can point me towards would be greatly appreciated.

You can also write me here:

It's fine if you or others want to stay anonymous as long as you can point me to things I can check out and document myself.


I feel like I have to give VUBE the benefit of the doubt here. This article seems to be doing quite a bit of assumptions. You even admit yourself that you did not ask the right questions. You were the interviewer, you need to ask the questions that you want answers to. You can't choose not to ask them and then make negative assumptions as to what you think the answers are. You admit you are not a journalist or investigative reporter, but this came off like a cheap attempt at being that. We also don't see any actual portion or direct quotes from their interview, how are we to believe anything you are saying is true? You're withholding too much. To do this properly you should call those founders back and give them the chance to actually answer your questions/negative assumptions. This whole thing is borderline slander. Disappointed in your lack of integrity with this article.


Um, you are sounding extremely paranoid now to all of your readers. The whole point of comments is for people to state their opinions just like you have done above. If someone disagrees with you they are automatically a publicist and have an ulterior motive?! I am not a publicist, nor do I even know the founders of the company. I just didn't like your "reporting." You can waste time doing more investigative reporting to see if I am a publicist, but you will come up empty handed...New York City is huge dude....


You insinuated that because the publicist and I are both out of New York we were the same person. And now you are acting as if you did not. Which appears to be your MO - making blind assumptions and passing it off as journalism.

Didn't you also say in an earlier comment: "It's fine if you or others want to stay anonymous as long as you can point me to things I can check out and document myself."

And now you say: "At the end of the day anonymous people don't mean that much to me so I'm not really engaged in a serious discussion with you."

Funny, I guess you only enjoy anonymous comments when they help support your opinions.

To answer your earlier question regarding using quotes versus not, it's kind of journalism 101 that if it is gonna be something negative, you should use a direct quote from the interviewee to make sure it is not misconstrued based on your negative opinions.

That's all, thanks very much Clyde.

Bad Scooter

Let me get this right, journalist from music tech blog, investigates Vube who are possibly some sort of scam. But rather doing what most journalists do which is think "wow what a story, I must investigate", ends up apologising for not investigating and then says that he should not have even become involved.

So you are either being threatened by someone (which I doubt) or you are, sorry to say, a crap journalist.

Disappointing mate, I dont actually doubt your integrity, I doubt your ability.

Clyde Smith

Point of fact: I'm not a journalist.


You tube never forced my browsers to open a pop up, Vube yes so Vube is bad in any case. Finish.

Jeremiah Darsens

I just read 1800 words of looping logic that talked itself in circles on the same point about five times over. "I should have done this." The title of the article is "So How Does a Cover Music Video Site Hit the Top 100 Websites in a Single Year" and not once in this article does the author come close to actually answering it, instead choosing to talk about the interview rather than discussing what was actually said in the interview.

Clyde Smith

It did get a bit meta!

Since writing this I've been contacted by someone who claims to be an employee in an adult-related company with which they are associated, somebody else with some interesting info which I can't recall at the moment and I ran into a popup ad for a musical act on Vube while browsing porn.

So far, except for people like you in the comments, I'm only getting confirmations.

But I'm done with this topic except for occasional appearances in the comments.

Not worth my time.


Don't know what they are. But they got 1000 of 1000s cover songs. :)


Can you upload a video on there? If yes how can you?

Tormy Van Cool

Indeed it's too good to be true. Indeed it isn't ... for Covers.
After have seen a couple of videos of me, which were Covers and which were aligned and in good state with Copyright Law, were demoted, I asked reasons to their support.

Mr. Steve stated that the Copyright is violated.
I produced all the documentation to demonstrate that everything is following the Copyright Regulations (I contacted SABAM, and all the Publishers, Copyright Holders, in order to get this)

What I obtained?
That in several emails I received from Mr. Steve, he is telling me clearly that Vube.com doesn't accept Covers.

And, as bad practice with Client-Communication §a skill that it's quite trivial as far as i see on vubeology), the only one thing he was able to do, is to face me out with their Policies point "E" in which you can think is written they don't accept Covers.


It's written they can remove any video for any reasons and they have not to give any explanation for that. Nor responding for any damage occurred to you, if the videos are removed.

Do you think he posted me anything about their Policies in which it's stated they don't accept Cover(s) as he told in the email chain?

Not at all.

Is that correct way to manage Clients?
It's very arguable

Is it a good site?
It's very arguable, despite the good ideas

I keep all these emails for any Forensic purpose


Honestly I got several emails from the support of VUBE that are clearly telling "we don't accept covers".
And this is after a Cover Video i produced with a Signer I manage, was deleted after having reached 66 000 views in few days.
Having asked for clarification, that's what they told to me.
I sent to them also this article and a couple of othere similar ones, the answer was the same.

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