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Music's 10 Most Innovative Companies

10While it's easy to argue with some of those listed on Fast Company's new World's 10 Most Innovative Companies In Music, the ten chosen and their brief descriptions offer insights into what mainstream business journalism views as innovation in music and music tech. YY makes the list, but no Rap Genius, Pandora or 

Music's 10 Most Innovative Companies:

10. YouTube - For growing up.

9. Ultra Music Festival - For bringing the world’s music to the rest of the world.

8. Soundcloud - For going pro properly.

7. Macklemore LLC - For leveraging major label power intelligently.

6. VEVO - For mastering the magic of music videos.

5. Mad Decent (label for Harlem Shake) - For shaking up how music goes mainstream.

4. Spotify - For saving the music industry, one stream at a time.

3. Columbia Records - For staying up all night. (Label for Daft Punk, Beyonce and more.)

2. YY - For reclaiming karaoke and taking it online. (Performance hub with $198 million in revenue.)

1. Shazam - For naming that tune. All the time.

from Fast Company

Who would you add to the list of Music's Most Innovative Companies?