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Facebook Debuts New Page Design, Adds Competitive Intelligence

Facebook-for-businessBand pages, fan pages, brand pages, whatever you call them they are at the center of many people's Facebook tactics and strategies. This week Facebook announced the rollout of a new "streamlined look" for Pages that moves updates into a single column and adds quick Page stats for admins. In addition, with the launch of "Pages to Watch," Facebook adds a simple tool for spying on and benchmarking one's competitors.

The new Page design is intended to make info easier to find for both fans and admins. It looks like this:


A Streamlined Look for Pages

In addition to reorganizing the navigation tabs, the top row adds basic stats for admins in the right-hand column.

The left column that begins below the cover photo features info about the page plus some of the basic info from the About section.

The middle column contains all updates making it again a stream rather than a two column grid with staggered updates.

Pages to Watch

With the new design comes a new feature in Page Insights for admins called "Pages to Watch." This feature provides a simple competitive intelligence tool that allows you to "watch" other pages and compare basic stats.

Facebook Updates News Feed

Last week Facebook began rolling out an updated news feed for the desktop which isn't radically different from the one they introduced last year though not everyone may have gotten that. Like the Page update the updated news feed is intended to make things easier for users to navigate.


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