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Ok, so no Cat in the Hat. Got it


Ha, this is an interesting idea. I never got GaGa personally. She always struck me as trying waaay to hard. I just think she managed to emerge at a time when particular "sensitivities" where becoming prominent in the younger generations. Combine a meat dress with some overwrought dance ballads and you have successfully fooled some of the people, for some of the time. She became a "fame monster" in a vacuum, while all the other pop girls stuck with the game plan and brought the sexy, hardcore. What could she do up against a Beyonce?

As a fan of the eccentrics, I worry that there may not be many more. Bowie and Dr.John are titans because they are naturalists. Bowie can walk into a room and weird everyone out with just his eyes - the result of a childhood trauma. Dr.John
drops so much natural slang and swagger that the uninitiated might think he was a character actor putting it on. The truth of the matter is he's New Orelans from the river to the trees, baby. Talk about Born This Way....

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