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Gee that sounds like our "Altavoz's" #FanHeatMap what even better about our is that it's tied to actually stores. BTW unless Twiiter is not sharing it's full API with customers how it this news.

Lon Bristell

Cute idea, except for the fact that tweets can be (and usually are very) manipulated.

For $5 I can have 1000 tweets sent out by actual humans about my band's new single, etc.

Edward Jennings

Twitter just recouped their investment in the "failed" Twitter Music. If it were my business to own I wouldn't be "data mining" Twitter's music Big Data. But the die is cast.

I visualize a person at the beach with a metal detector looking for treasure ;)

Edward Jennings

Looks like the deal they cut with Twitter for the Big Music Data will now be affected by the news that Twitter is stalling out at 241 million subscribers.


Pssst Lyor switch to The Echo Nest for the right music metabase

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