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I get lots of messages from bands asking to be reviewed ... most of them don't use my name in the opening remarks ... and others have no idea what I actually write about.

MY ADVICE: actually read the blog before you email ... use the writers name and mention something you like about their writing.

Clyde Smith

What's been bugging me is pro and corporate publicists who send me the stuff I don't want to cover yet won't send me the stuff I want to cover.

They just can't get past their blinders to what I actually care about.

There were two items this week that I probably would have prioritized if the company's publicists would have gotten me a press release before it went out.

Finding out a day after other people published the news pretty much killed that not because they were no longer worthy items but because missing the moment made other items worthier.

Plus both publicists that should have sent me the news I'm now not covering recently sent me items that I would in no way cover.

And they will never know now because we don't have a real dialogue going and they both strike me as annoying.

Tough world!

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