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Chris Seth Jackson

Excellent. I like the stress on just getting started and not waiting for perfection. I see quite a few musos just waiting for the perfect video to come along.

Just turn on the webcam and have fun! Your fans sometimes prefer the genuine you over the polished image.

Matt Sandler

Thanks Chris! Really glad that you dug the piece.

Perfection is a moving target. I'd rather get started, learn a bunch along the way, and keep iterating until I'm more and more excited with the results. Finding "your voice" is a process, as is developing a quality YouTube channel.

Good Read!

Oh yes! I think i need to share this with a friend of mine who is looking for a huge breakthrough. I agree with Chris, its always better to START rather then waiting for the dawn when 'enlightenment via perfection' will strike you. Practice is learning and learning is never static :)

Sublime Beats

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Peter Alan

Nice channel. Subscribed!


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