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Christopher Bright

It's an interesting move, but if the streaming wars rely on undercutting instead of innovation, I think the real losers might be the artists...


War implies that some will win and some (are born to ) loses. So far streaming companies stockholders have no returns and artists have seen their share of income from their creations decrease so it's lose lose. And there is a class of quzi tech star that is foisted upon the public and we can all agree that is a lose too. Remember the last savior he was quoted here just a few years back saying there would be ZERO CD's in the market by 2014. Well in 20-13 CD's we're 57.3 precent of the sales and I'm pretty sure (once the product that was stuck in UPS tracks from the Polar Vortex show up at stores) a few will sell in 2014 too.

PS. There is a Win Win Win solution coming .......

PSS the reason Digital Sales are down and vinyl record sales are up is because of a choice. If it's going digital why pay if your going physical get the best.....this ain't rocket science.


Digital sales is down? In most markets is up by a huge margin... That is not rocket science either ;)
And some artists earn more money now than before...


Some of us follow this thing called Soundscan and it's often reported in a publication called Billboard. As for what artists get seeing how as a distributor I get to see the tallies from all of the services for out artists I'm pretty comfortable saying it's the opposite of what your saying. http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/digital-and-mobile/5855162/digital-music-sales-decrease-for-first-time-in-2013

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