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Peter Lehndorff

Great overview of some of the reasons many of us are at least not renewing our pro accounts. The new messaging is progress but on something I don't recall hearing any complaints about. The sorting is good. Having a picture of the song in there to play is nice. But it doesn't help with collaborating.

For me as a singer/songwriter the soundcloud classic commenting system was great for collaborating with other soundclouders. I could get a comment (on a work in progress) like "your phrasing is off here" or "pitchy" or "there is a funny noise here, is that your dog?". That much is still possible on New or Next SoundCloud; or the site where friends seem to be migrating to: http://hearthis.at/. But when you reply to one of those comments they are no longer nested underneath the visual track. So to keep it meaningful you almost have to reply right AFTER the original comment and not reply TO the comment. It is clunky but I guess they need to make a buck.

I will always be grateful for the friends and collaborators I met there. Now it will be primaarily a place to warehouse my tracks. I might even turn off comments public tracks.

Peter Lehndorff https://soundcloud.com/peterlehndorff

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