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AAMPP (pronounced Amp) will be a game changer for DIY musicians (artists) and music professionals (label execs, agents, managers, producers, promoters) and fans.


Ali Shakeri

Hey Clyde,

Thanks for the insightful post again. I think you brought up a lot of large trends for 2013, namely YouTube becoming a dominant platform for music distribution and discovery, and the growth of video and mobile.

I think that one of the larger trends were going to be seeing in 2014 is the rise of subscription/streaming services. If there was a subscription based streaming service that could combine both SoundCloud and YouTube into one platform, I think it would be a major contender.

What do you think? I believe there are a few companies coming out of YCombinator trying to do this.

And Happy New Year!


Clyde Smith

"subscription based streaming service that could combine both SoundCloud and YouTube into one platform"

How would a subscription based service for music from free streaming sources work?

There's been a lot happening in this area and the free services providing such music don't seem to be doing that well.

Ali Shakeri

I think that because you can find music easily and for free these days, the main value of a subscription based service is the convenience that it provides for you.

However, free doesn't necessarily mean convenient. I almost exclusively use SoundCloud and YouTube to find new music, however if I want to listen to music for extended periods of time, I tend to just listen to 2 hour mixes and sets.

I would be very interested in paying for a service that acts as both a web and mobile application that allows me to combine and create playlists from songs that I find on SoundCloud and YouTube with ease.

Does that make a bit more sense?

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