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Well right there at the end is where the problem for the artists arises. We are just now at the forefront of figuring out who and what is a fan on social media and as well what does it mean when an artists has fanbots and which inflate the metrics in one field and crush them when it's time to consumerize their music to fans.

Fake fans are going to hurt you in more than a few ways. Since there are already companies offering this services and you'll get caught. Those 10 or 10k fans which aren't yours will get you burned by the analytics and sales in the end. And two like so many digital companies they only want you for another reason then your music.

Tumukunde Rodrick

Lyk this page cz tz so nyc

michael bian

This discussion teach me more things, I love the flow here. Superb!

Jules Galindo

We noticed the noise issue getting out of hand 18 months ago; now it's almost unbearable as a brand owner to publish and see any demonstrable engagement. Shameless plug aside, we're trying at Fliptu to help brands better organize, present & promote their social media presence through social aggregation & curation. It's the next frontier in social media; first was establishing a presence, then management & monitoring tools, and now we're in the aggregation/filtering/curation phase to make sense of it all.


This is exactly why artists should still be embracing email and snail mail. Being able to control your data base of fans is so important. If a third-party controls your message then you will eventually have no message.


As Google works towards boosting organic linking and promotion - Facebook decides to go the opposite way. I current run Facebook pages for small businesses and this is just a bigger roadblock. It is already hard to promote a good ROI for FB pages for small businesses - and now they decide to make it even harder. The small companies I work for won't pay per post to boost the seen rate because it just isn't in their budget. Engagement is already hard when your target audience isn't the main social network user. Stop being greedy and support all businesses.


Not too sure Facebook is worth it for anyone who has to nickle and dime their marketing budget. And even if I had a billion dollar budget I would just spend it on tv and radio which will organically make its way back to Facebook. Ppl hardly talk about things discovered on Facebook unless they also see it on television anyway.

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