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It'll be convenient for some, but definitely not a reflection of the record store experience. Which is probably no Urban's aim. But I wouldn't do my shopping there because I go for the experience. I like going to a store and being able to browse new releases as well as looking through the used section, using the latter as a music discovery method too.


Urban has been known to rip off independent artists. I'd much rather buy from a company (or companies) with a better track record. I can't deny the convenience for some, but on the other hand, I've never seen an Urban Outfitters more than a few blocks from a record store soo...

I also just signed up for this thing called Feedbands (https://feedbands.com/) Each month, they find an independent artist/band, press their albums to vinyl, and then distribute via subscription. Vinyl + convenience - rip-offs = awesome.

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