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God I love P!nk! Those small number of entitled fans had it coming, and I'm glad she told them off. There are always those "fans" for whom it's all about them, not the artist. No artist needs those fans. She's a human being. A true fan will understand and support whatever she needs to do to sustain a long, healthy life and career.



Did you even read her letter?

She stood up to the haters/trolls who sent her hate mail and all artists should be applauding her for doing so.

Hypebot claims to be on the side of artists, but the only berating I see in this article is from it's author and not from Pink.


Bruce - I completely disagree. This IS fan engagement.

She is pouring her heart out and being honest (as she always is) with her fans. She is one of those artists that always gives 100% in concert. And she also says what she means - which in this case is "I'm terribly sorry" and "F' U to those of you that don't believe I've done everything I could do"

I respect her for putting it out there. And will remain a completely dedicated fan - it's who she is.


Bully for Pink, BTW Not too sure how a 500/hr pr person could have done a better job.


Hey Bruce Houghton, what's your problem? Do you NOT understand the art of summarizing a piece of writing or getting the main idea? You know, a skill you learn in middle school English class. She basically apologized a ton of times and at the end directed anger back at those people hating on her for getting sick. Your opening of this article is like attacking P!nk. Did you do that to get publicity on your crappy article?

Alex Day

Way to get readers by sensationalising the story.

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