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DIY Music Tech News: SoundCloud x Songkick, Piki, Topspin x Dropbox, Google+ Hangouts

Google-hangoutsIteration is today's music tech news theme as multiple startups continue to take solid steps forward most of which involve DIY music tools. SoundCloud offers another space to post Songkick concert dates. Piki takes its mobile music app to the desktop. Topspin offers a Dropbox integration and Google+ Hangouts introduced numerous improvements.

SoundCloud x Songkick

SoundCloud and Songkick are getting a bit closer with a concerts listing integration in your SoundCloud sidebar. [Update: older news than I realized but still worth noting.]

Bonus: 4 Places You Should Be Entering All Of Your Concert Dates including Songkick

Piki Goes Desktop

Piki debuted last month as a mobile music app from the team.

This month Piki launched a web app for desktop users.

And, yes, this was the one non-DIY note in the batch.

Topspin x Dropbox

Earlier this month Topspin introduced ‘Send to Dropbox’ with GoDirect to facilitate usage of Dropbox for music distribution and sharing. In the process they resolve some important issues for mobile access to streaming media.

Google+ Hangouts Iterates

This month Google+ Hangouts introduced multiple waves of improvements including live rewind and immediate publishing plus upgraded mobile images.

Other tweaks followed but the improvement of live performance seems key for folks using Google+ Hangouts for performances, meet and greets and seminars.

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