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Attribution is important; it's one way to differentiate one piece of music product from another. As noted yesterday, our problem is one of abundance; people don't value that of which they have too much. In order to restore value, we need to focus on what is not abundant - quality, a certain artist, or a specific performance, etc.


Credits should indeed be more present, visible and closely associated with the audio that music creatives work on.


I'm one of those few who actually sits and watches the credits roll at the end of a good movie. I'm always amazed at how many people it takes to pull off something amazingly entertaining. It's the same for a good piece of music. It might be different if the average listener knew how much work is involved with creating a song, album or even a show. And it's almost always a collaboration in some way. Can't strap them in their seats, but we still need to roll the credits.

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