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Blackberry Adds Indie Music Via Believe Digital's Zimbalam

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While not a favorite of the technorati, millions of people still love their Blackberry and many of those use it to enjoy music. So it's worth noting that as of today, Believe Digital's Zimbalam digital music distribution service is selling music by indepenedent on Balckberry World.

EU based Zimbalan claims 80,000 artists as customers and works to differentiate itself from the plethora of distributors by offering 20+ artists a month the opportunity to work with an in-house A&R team to develop their careers.

“Zimbalam exists in order to allow unsigned artists to get their music on to digital music stores and to find their audience. We are excited to be working with BlackBerry as it will give artists access to a different fan base and help with the discovery of their music,” said Denis Ladegaillerie, CEO of Zimbalam.

To get started, artists visit, create an account with Zimbalam, choose their release dates and the territories , pay a small distribution fee, and begin selling their music. Artists retain all rights and earn 90% of royalties.