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Google voice has this same function.


Aarte, I'm the founder of Vela App and felt the need the respond to some inconsistencies in your article. First off, Siri doesn't get Ty Segall right either. It probably would have been a good idea to research this first before recommending Siri over/with Vela. "it would do better with actual Siri integration." Perhaps it would be a better review, if you used measurable unbiased results from testing. Instead you focused the majority of your article on one artist request, jumping to a pretty quick conclusion. Then only mentioned the rest of testing as an afterthought at the end. The way it is written, your article comes across as biased and I'm sure thats not what you were going for. When went on to assign negative words like "works sometimes" that contradicts even your own earlier words. "If Spotify had what I was looking for the app was often successful." In fact our testing and others (Gizmodo, The Next Web) show that its successful most of the time. Your representing a reputable brand @ Evolver.fm. I would expect and little better research/editing before putting thoughts in print.

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