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Also relevant is The Recording Academy's "Give Fans The Credit" campaign!-- givefansthecredit.com


We have labels and publishers now creating app/books/releases and lyric are a vital part of each of the one's we've seen in development.

Walter Gross

At the app level, I'd like to add the Blue Note app we developed for Spotify - open.spotify.com/app/bluenote

The data is a combination of entered by hand, hitting the Rovi API and ingested data from WhoSampled.

It doesn't solve the problem this article addresses but it's a good attempt to head in the right direction.

Clyde Smith

Thanks, that's a good example to consider. We ran a piece about that:


Blue Note's interesting because I'm sure there's also a huge amount of related material, especially in print, that's never been digitized.

What a treasure trove!

Walter Gross

Ah yes, the piece you ran was on the iOS app we did for Blue Note. The one I'm referring to above is available via the Spotify desktop client and it has a user experience much more akin to what you're article is about.

Please check it out when you get a chance and would love your thoughts.

Clyde Smith

I'll do that even though I find Spotify incredibly annoying!


this is definitely one of the reasons that CDs are still here and are selling as well as downloads. look at spotify--they can't even get the release year right half the time, and otherwise provide NO information. terrible for any serious music fan.


Here's Dawn Richard app which seems to be trying to hit all the major areas of fan interaction via iTunes http://t.co/UFLUHPdh & Google Play: http://t.co/CGC7JaJe I'll ask her team about plans for enhancements for lyrics.

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