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Chip Souza

This should show you how lame it must be to have a job as a corporate cubicle writer when you have to steal songs and claim they are yours just to please your middle manager corporate boss to meet his monthly quota.

There's GOT to be something in the Copyright Law that holds FOX accountable for ripping him off. Even the duck quack...come on, ....obvious!

Clyde Smith

The duck quack is truly the smoking gun!

And given the amount of money Glee makes it's really sad that they stoop to such tactics.


Did he ever 'officially' record his version? i.e; If he registered his arrangement with his publisher and the copyright office then he would have recourse; if he just did it live and for fun, then there's nothing he can do. I understand his frustration on principal and I adore his version but it's Glee...what did he expect? I don't know that two parties can fight over a song that doesn't belong to either of them, ultimately.

Clyde Smith

"those who feel that anything that isn't illegal is ok to do are inherently untrustworthy members of civil society."


So what about Sir Mix A Lot... did he get paid for this?

Clyde Smith

Yes, via licensing fees.

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