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Matt Early

This is the best way for artists to make revenue other than gigs these days.

Music libraries and publishers are one of the most important contacts to have in this day of the music industry.

Frank Woodworth


Two questions

1. Were the TV shows ratings factored in to this analysis? I can't tell.

2. Whether a particular synch is successful in a scripted show usually depends on the placement in the story line of the show. The Soprano's season finale, essentially launched "Don't Stop Believing" into another stratosphere, yet I don't think most people could name another song in that episode besides the opening theme. I'm not even sure if there is another song in the episode.

When Anna Nalick's Breathe was used in Greys Anatomy it was during a powerful montage in a "special" episode. If it was background in a forgettable scene I don't think it would have mattered as much.

I could go on with many examples like this, and they all boil down to context within the show.

Taking context into account, is it possible to further segment this analysis to the placements of songs played in the last act of an episode? I would assume that the last act is when the most emotionally resonant scenes occur and therefore when songs have the most impact. I'm sure there are exceptions to that rule, but over a large sample range it should not be a factor.


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