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Catherine Hol

Great post, Clyde ... I experience a disconnect between the music and imagery in many videos. It's as if the videomakers are more concerned about seeming hip or edgy etc. than tuning in to the feel of the song they are representing.

Actually, I was just reading about The Black Keys video, Next Girl, as an example of this. Apparently the record label wanted to put it out, despite the Key's objections. I'd say that happens a lot.

It's true that the wrong visual messages can turn off potential fans, and that's something artists should bear in mind.


Great article! As a lifetime hiphop fan, i like some of the new music being put out, but as soon as i see the video there is an immediate disconnect with the song. Simply put most rap videos make me feel poor & unworthy.


Great points, Clyde! Glad that tweet got your gears turning.

Though I respect Night Bugs' creative vision to juxtapose the soft song with a disturbing video, it turned me off. Even listening to the audio only now, I can only think about that guy getting humiliated and trashed. I'm sure there are fans who dug it, but it ruined it for me.

Admittedly, some songs can be tough to sync up to a video. In many cases, the same song can mean different things to different people. If an artist picks a radical direction for the video, it's good to at least be as cognizant of the effect as Night Bugs seems to be.

No excuse for the Drake rubbish, though. Those bland, stereotypical videos ruin otherwise vibrant music.

Paula Wertheim

When videographer and artist are out of sinc, the music always suffers. When producing our music videos for the HDAudioPlus Demo Gallery we made sure that the video compliments our audio. Otherwise, what's the point? Here's one example of what we did with classical:


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