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Not sure how this is the first subscription service for DJ's. Theres at least a dozen out there already. Maybe do a little research before you make a claim like that

Clyde Smith

That's the danger of claiming something is first.

I always visit our Google Overlords and see what they come up with:


10 seconds after heading towards Google I know they're not first.


It seems that it is not just the collection of trackware, it has what matters most the software engine.


Hi EC,

You are mixing up subscription services of a different kind. The results you reference above pertain to physical CD DJ subscription services, records pools, etc. Pulselocker is the first ever online music streaming service ever to be compatible with DJ software such as Serato, Traktor, etc. This is a new breed for sure. :)

Clyde Smith

That's the interesting part.

Playlist Pros

The idea is full of potential and something like this was bound to come along. I am curious to find out how the artists/labels will be compensated. Plenty of labels will not release their music to Spotify b/c of the tiny pay backs. Hopefully, Pulselocker can win their favor.

Ghetto Vader

is already on the Ball.
watch and learn

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