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Video Marketing | James

I think it went viral because of plainly the song. The melody was catchy and the beats were right for dancing. Overall, the music sounded fun. I first heard the song on the radio and thought that it was actually cool even if I can’t understand the words. It’s more likely a viral hit music than just a viral video.

Todd Troppo

Here's another in-depth analysis of Gangnam Style, which argues that everything about the song and video points to Psy and YG having always had the international market in mind (however much Psy denies it):


An interesting article I must say. Here's one more article that I came across which showcases the under lying reasons for Gangnam's success - bit.ly/VfmcpT


A great and informative article. Another article that I would like to share with you all which speaks about the top reasons why Gangnam Style became famous -http://blog.socialmaximizer.com/why-gangnam-style-became-so-popular/

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