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Dana Jean Phoenix

Great story Clyde! Lindsey Stirling is a truly great musician and a wonderful DYI inspiration. Hard work, talent, and vision are still the foundations for success! :) DJP


Go Lindsey!! Great article and story..


If anybody ever tells you that they can't make it in the industry because record companies reject them, they don't have enough capital, etc - just tell them this: "It's 2012."

Great story! Good for Lindsey! I hope she continues to stick to her DIY roots.


Fantastic story! I love this, these so called Industry know alls.. they are too quick to dismiss.. good on ya girl... go!!


Great story! Being a Zelda fan I was mesmerized by Lindsey's videos after coming across them earlier this year - I am now a Lindsey fan too! Truly talented and an inspiration!


this video is not just inspiring, but truly the future of the music industry. an industry completely without any major label anything. THEY ARE NOT NEEDED!!

god, has spoken.
so it shall be written, so it shall be done.



Awsome music and story :o) I a bedroom dj and feel ripped off coz I got the album to remix, but you can't remix perfection :o)


Social media success story! You go, girl! Love your tunes!

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